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This is my tumblr, I reblog much things and a few Pictures I blogs myself I ALWAYS write down the source !!! and Pics i edit have a little Sign from me :) ~ If i post a Blogpic from u so pls message me and I'll care about it.~
Most stuff i blog are My favorit Idols and Actress/Actors, Animes, Mangas, Arts, Japanesestuff like food , Music or fashion and and and much more u can see it anyway when u watch my tumblr
Thank ya' for visiting my Site :) ....(not special tumblrblog) im happy with my followers anyways thanks too you guys too !! :3 pls stay with me for longer even when >_> my blog is not Special or good like others :o <3
'bout me I'm Sardian/Croatian raised and living in Germany :3 PS: My English is getting better :D ~ ayo
  1. Bruno the Poser (Y)

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